• 1. How Does It Work?
      Tweed Heads Auctions is a Traditional Auction Company. We are open 4  days on the off auction week and 5 days auction week. Frequently asked questions are addressed below. This section should address most of your enquiries. Should you have any further questions please contact our friendly staff on (07) 5599 4477.


    • 2. How often do you have auctions?
      We hold General Public Auctions every second Saturday, starting at 10am NSW time. Our doors open at 9am. We also hold Special Auctions on a regular basis. Keep an eye on the Special Auction link on this website for more details.


    • 3. Where can I get a catalogue from?
      Catalogues are available on our website on Wednesday evenings prior to auctions or they can be purchased at our premises for $2.


    • 4. What time will my particular lot be up for Auctions?
      Our Auctions run at approximately 130 lots per hour. So check the  lot number of the item you are interested in, and calculate from there.


    • 5. When can I inspect items before bidding on them?
      All lots are available for inspection on the Friday before the Auction. Inspection time is from 9am to 4pm. You can also inspect on the day of the Auction from 9am.


    • 6. What do the small white stickers on the items mean?
      You will notice that all items have 2 types of numbers. A small black and white number is the “Vendors Code”. This identifies the owner of the item. This number stays constant. The larger sticker with a “Lot Number” represents the place the item takes in  auction and changes from week to week.


    • 7. How do I register to bid?
      Registrations are taken any time. You simply fill a registration form (available from Administration). You will need to supply your Drivers Licence, a contact number and you must sign the form to acknowledge that you are bidding under the Terms and Conditions of the Auction. Once you have registered, your details remain in our database.


    • 8. Do I have to register for each auction?  (Can this number be mine permanently)?
      We are able to offer you a permanent number. The number on your form will be your permanent number but you must inform us of any change in your details.


    • 9. Can I have a phone bid?
      No. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to take phone bids. If you cannot attend the auction, but you do want to bid, you can leave an Absentee Bid. This will allow us to bid on your behalf.



    • 10. If there are multiplies of the same item, do I have to bid on the entire lot?
      All goods are sold as “Price per Each”. That means if there are 10 items the same you will be bidding for one only, but may be asked if you would like to purchase more than one at the same price. Other bidders are next to select a quantity at the knockdown price.


    • 11. What is the lot description?
      The Lot Description is listed in the Auction Catalogue after the Lot Number. This is a vendors description only. It provides you with the information that you use (in conjunction with viewing and testing the item on Inspection days) to make a decision on whether or not you want to bid on that particular item. The Lot Description may or may not include details such as serial numbers, make and model numbers, colour, dimensions, key or remote control availability and any other information that would be important to you in your buying decision. Whilst we make every effect to ensure all descriptions are accurate and comprehensive, on some occasions errors can occur. Please use you Catalogue as a guide only. Although extreme care is taken to produce the catalogues, NO guarantees can be given. Make sure you attend our Inspection days if a Lot description does not match the physical item, please ask for clarification at administration. Numbers and descriptions may change without notice. The Auctioneer will confirm before the start of the bidding.



    • 12. Should the catalogue descriptions match the physical item?
      Yes. Whilst we make every effort to ensure all descriptions are accurate and comprehensive on some occasions errors can occur. Please use your catalogue as a guide only. Numbers and descriptions may change without notice. The Auctioneer will confirm correct quantities and descriptions of a lot as they are being offered for Sale. If you have any questions, please see Administration before the start of the Auction.


    • 13. Does my item have a warranty?
      No. If an item is offered with a Warranty, this warranty is offered by the vendor who owns the goods. Warranty status is specified in the Lot description in the Auction catalogue. If a warranty is offered, you must keep all of your paperwork, Invoices and Receipts of Payment.


14. Can I cancel my bid?
No. To protect the Auction Process Integrity, We do not provide for a change of mind. We encourage Bidders to take care when bidding as once made, a bid cannot be withdrawn. Make sure you attend viewing and inspection days, and make yourself 100% aware of what you are bidding on.


  • 15. Do all goods have reserves?
    Some. We allow Vendors to set a Reserve on an item only in consultation with an Auctioneer. We can hold a Reserve for one auction. If the item does not sell, the Reserve must be either removed , re-negotiated or the items must be collected and removed from Tweed Heads Auctions. We cannot give our Reserve prices.


  • 16. What is the Buyer’s Premium?
    A Buyer’s Premium is a fee that is added to the Knock-Down price. It applies to all auctions and is generally 15%. Buyers Premium is always on the Auction Advertisements. For Example, If you are the winning bidder on a Lot at $100.00 (knock-down price), a Buyers Premium (example 15%) will be added to the knockdown price (being $15.00). Total cost of the item thus is $115.00.


  • 17. How do I pay for my goods?
    You must pay for goods on Auction day. We take cash, EFTPOS, Credit Cards which attract a surcharge of $6.60 per Invoice (not per item). No Company or Personal Cheques are taken.
    If you are unable to pay on time please phone Administration immediately (on Auction day) and we can arrange a Credit Card Payment over the telephone. Failure to settle accounts will require you having to leave a deposit next time you register. Once accounts have been settled, a Collection Slip will be handed out, allowing you to pick up the goods. Collection Slips are a Security Document.
    Without it, goods cannot be picked up. Collection slips CANNOT be re-printed.


  • 18. Can I get another copy of my Invoice?
    Copies of Invoices can be retrieved from Auction Archives. A fee of $30.00 per Invoice will be charged, and the process will take approximately 5 working days.
    We can not get copies of Collection Slips at any stage.


  • 19. How can I get my goods home?
    We have our own carriers who are able to deliver or pick up goods. Administration can provide you with a quote.


  • 20. What do I do if an item by missing?
    All goods must be picked up by midday on the next working day following the Auction. If an item is missing, you must notify the Floor Manager or administration immediately so that the loss can be investigated. The missing item cannot be addressed if you are late in picking up your goods.


  • 21. When can I pick up my goods?
    Goods must be collected by noon on the next working day following the Auction. Tweed Heads Auctions do not accept any responsibility for goods not collected by this time. Generally, goods are available for pick-up as soon as the account has been settled.


  • 22. Can someone else pick my goods?
    Yes, you can have some-one else collect your goods. However, if you intend for a third party to collect on your behalf, they must supply Tweed Heads Auctions with your collection Slip and a signed note of authority permitting Tweed Heads Auctions to release your purchases to a third party. Please note that the Collection Slip is a secure document. These can not be reprinted at any time.


  • 23. Does Tweed Heads Auctions have a delivery service?
    Yes, Tweed Heads Auctions have a large truck with 2 men. To book this truck for delivery or pick up please contact Administration.


  • 24. What is Tweed Heads Auctions returns or refund policy?
    No refunds or warranties are offered UNLESS specifically indicated in the Lot description on the catalogue. All lots are available for inspection to the purchaser at a specified time. Purchasers can test and closely inspect each item up for Auction on Inspection day. Unless otherwise stated, all goods are sold “AS IS”.


  • 25. What if my item is faulty/does not work?
    All items are available for inspection to the purchaser at a specified time. Purchasers can test and closely inspect each item up for Auction. Unless otherwise stated, all goods are sold as is. No allowances, refunds or warranties are offered.


  • 26. Does Tweed Heads Auctions offer replacement items?


  • 27. Can I return goods I really don’t want?
    No. to protect the Auction Integrity, Tweed Heads Auctions does not provide for a change of mind. We encourage bidders to take care when bidding as once made, a bid cannot be withdrawn. Make sure your attend viewing and inspection days, and make yourself 100% aware of what you are bidding on.


  • 28. Can I only purchase goods at Auction?
    You can purchase as an “Out of Auction Sale” (OAS). Tweed Heads Auctions are open for OAS on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesdays (unless it falls on a Public Holiday). You can purchase goods that did not sell at auction, but only AFTER the auction has closed. Conditions are that items must have been through one auction. Once items have been catalogued for an auction, they cannot be purchases as an OAS and must go up for the specified auction.


  • 29. Who are Tweed Heads Auctions vendors?
    Vendors consist of a variety of private and recognised businesses. Tweed Heads Auctions provides vendors with an inexpensive and highly efficient channel for maximising revenue by selling excess stock, cancelled orders, end of line stock, slow moving lines or seconds. (NSW Police Department, Manufactures, Importers, Wholesalers and Liquidators). We also act as Agents on behalf of Private/Domestic vendors.


  • 30. Can I sell goods through Tweed Heads Auctions
    Yes. All goods must be in Excellent condition, and fully functional. Please contract Administration for further details so you can be referred to one of our Auctioneer.


  • 31. Does Tweed Heads Auctions post auction results after the auction is over?
    No. You are welcome to enquire about the price of a lot/item on Auction day only if you did miss it.